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Never miss an opportunity to have a fantastic drink in your hands.

It’s perfectly natural to find yourself disappointed by parking spots, first dates, and takeout. When it comes to coffee, however, no person should have to compromise first thing in the morning by accepting a cup that grades out as “just ok.”

Our goal at French Roast Downtown is to ensure that our visitors never miss an opportunity to have a fantastic drink in their hands.

Experience The BEST Treatments

We are not coffee purists and don’t believe our customers should only get specific beans, presses, or flavorings. Everyone is entitled to their coffee taste, whether you’d like it jet black or whether you’d like it with coconut milk, and we aspire to make certain you can get exactly what you need to start off the day right.

French Roast Downtown profiles a wide variety of tastes and treatments, with lots of options for those looking to expand a palette by trying new coffee concoctions. We aren’t going to shame you for drinking McDonalds’ coffee, but we hope to provide you with many more options than just the biggest brands and most popular trends.

Satisfying Your Own Preferences

We want to educate customers as well as satisfying their preferences. Lots of other coffee blogs present bad or misleading information, trying to confuse potential customers in the hopes of selling a more expensive bag of beans, or getting an affiliation with major coffee companies. French Roast Downtown hopes to cut through the noise and give our visitors a richer, fuller understanding of brewing coffee.

Coffee, after all, is both an art and a science, one that rewards creativity with one hand and diligent research with the other.

We aim to identify time-tested recipes, highlight up-and-coming beans and baristas, look out for new technologies and processes, identify nearby cafes that are well worth your time, and suggest twists on the classics. Our interviews and profiles feature some of the industry’s best-known figures, from restaurateurs to bartenders to artists to chemists, all of whom help to move coffee forward into new depths.

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In addition to java, French Roast Downtown also seeks to focus on beers, wine, and cocktails for your further drinking pleasure. We want to look past the ultra-popular drink choices like IPAs and kombuchas to identify down-to-earth brands and mixes that appeal to every spectrum.

Coffee and liquor go together like peanut butter and jelly, helping you to perk up in one sip and relax in the next – you may find that you are missing out on a lot by keeping them separate! We constantly look for new ways to mix and match both coffee and alcohol, identifying great drinks that are more than the sum of their parts. Our suggestions and tips can be handy for every occasion, from a relaxing Saturday morning on the balcony to a party with your closest friends.

Make Sure To Swing Back By…

Check back with French Roast Downtown whenever you get the hankering for more than a normal cup of joe. We can help you find beans, recipes, gadgets, and cafes that enhance your coffee hobby. Drinks are our passion and we seek to provide visitors with all the information they need to give their taste buds a brand-new experience.

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