How To Make A Cold Brew Coffee?

Do you know what fits perfectly into your routine during a long sunny day? A cold brew coffee.

There aren’t a lot of things that are as satisfying as a cool caffeinated cup of iced coffee. It is much more refreshing to have a cup of iced coffee prepared by someone else – it tastes even better. Even with the luxury of someone else preparing the coffee for you, at times you just want to brew your own cold coffee right at home.

Not to worry though, making your own cold brew can be an easy DIY if done right.

How to make a cold brew coffee is not a skill or a hidden secret that only a professionally trained barista possesses. In fact, you do not need to have any special equipment. With a strainer and a large container to make your coffee, you are set.

If you are always craving a smooth and icy cup of coffee that is not overly bitter this might just be your go-to hack.

What Is a Cold Brewed Coffee?

A cold brew is not an iced coffee. It’s easy to confuse them since both drinks are served cold. However, the process of making both drinks is quite different. Iced coffee is brewed just like regular coffee with hot water. It is then allowed to cool down and ice is poured over it.

When it comes to a cold brew coffee, cold or room temperature water is used to brew it. A cold brew usually takes longer to brew and, as a result, the flavor is less bitter. The process of making the cold brew can take 12 to 24 hours.

Making a Cold Brew Coffee

The process of making a cold brew coffee can put off some people since it takes longer to make compared to regular coffee. However, don’t shy away from the process. It is easy to make a lot of coffee at one time and then store it in your fridge for daily consumption.

Follow this process for making your cold brew coffee with just a jar and strainer.

Grind Your Coffee Coarsely

For this method avoid using pre-ground coffee beans for the best results. In the case where you do not have a coffee grinder, you can grind the coffee beans yourself at the store. You can also opt to get freshly ground beans from a roaster or your local coffee shop.

Put the Coffee Grounds in a Large Mason Jar

After putting the coffee grounds in a large mason jar you can then pour filtered water into the jar. You can use a 1:2 coffee to water ratio (or, if you prefer, one and a half cups of ground coffee for every three cups of water). By doing this you will have a fairly strong coffee concentrate. You can opt to add some milk or some more water to your coffee before you drink it later on.

Combine the coffee grounds and water by stirring. After that, you can allow the jar to sit at room temperature for around twelve to twenty-four hours. The coffee will be stronger depending on how long it sits.

It’s Time to Strain the Coffee

Drinking your coffee with gritty grounds at the bottom doesn’t sound enjoyable and for that reason straining your brew is an important step in the coffee-making process. You can strain the coffee by placing a fine mesh strainer over a bowl or any other container you have and then use a layer of cheesecloth as a lining. Instead of cheesecloth, you can as well line the strainer with paper filters.

You can also use a French press machine for this step if you have it.


After you have poured your coffee through the strainer, cover it and store it in the fridge.

When it is time to drink your coffee, pour it over ice and add in some more water, milk, or flavorings for extra enjoyment.

A few Tips that Will Help You Brew Your Cold Brew Coffee Successfully

Here are some tips that will help you ensure that you get your desired results:

  • Use beans that have been coarsely ground. When you use coffee that has been ground to a sandy powder texture it will result in an over-infused coffee. Also, the coffee that you strain will be muddy and gritty. The beans that you are using should be coarse.
  • If you can use filtered water. When you make coffee using filtered water the coffee will have a cleaner and sweeter taste.
  • Keep your coffee cold. You can use mugs that will be able to keep your cold coffee brew at its ideal temperature.
  • Observe the ratios and measurements when making your cold brew coffee.

There you have it: a cold brew that is easy to make. You will always have cold coffee that is ready to go. You can drink your coffee cold, warm, or piping hot if you choose to heat it up. The choice is all yours.