TBG Sleepwalker Coffee Review

If anybody needs—and deserves—an extra cup of coffee to get them through the day, it’s parents.

They work hard, and if they need a second or third shot of caffeine between feeding, changing, cleaning and getting up in the middle of the night, nobody here is going to judge. Besides, coffee is supposed to be good for you now, right?

That’s kind of the idea behind Sleepwalker Coffee, a rich blend from the folks at Tactical Baby Gear, a company best known for making tactical quality strollers, diaper bags and the like. Considering all the sleepless hours that come with parenting, coffee is a natural addition to their lineup. 

Taste Testing

Straight away, TBG Sleepwalker Coffee has a strong coffee aroma, and pours silky-smooth with a medium body. We tasted this coffee as made by a traditional drip coffee maker, French press, and hand pour methods, and found the latter to be our favorite, though all three resulted in a satisfactory brew. 

The prevailing flavor is straight-down-the-middle coffee, with a deep and satisfying richness. Sleepwalker coffee has very low acidity, with a subtle bitter-sweetness balanced out by roasty, toasty notes. That makes it very easy to drink despite being an exceptionally full-flavored coffee. It has a smooth mouthfeel and crisp finish. 

You may pick out hints of dark chocolate, burnt caramel and nuttiness, but the overall flavor profile of TBG Sleepwalker Coffee is centered around its strong and unmistakable “coffee-ness.” It recalls the taste of classic diner-style coffee, though we would wager that it’s a bit stronger than the brew at your local greasy spoon. 

Other Notes

Tactical Baby Gear’s Sleepwalker Coffee is a blend of South American coffees that are roasted in small batches in the United States. Although it has a flavor profile that one might typically associate with dark roast, it is technically considered a medium roast. And while some may prefer the nuance of a single-origin coffee, this well-rounded blend delivers a nicely balanced cup.

Where to Get It

The best place to find Sleepwalker coffee is through Tactical Baby Gear’s website. The coffee is available in ground or whole bean form, as well as pods. Whole bean is recommended for the best and freshest taste, but for anyone who has gone over to the Keurig dark side, the convenience of pods is tough to beat. 

It should also be said that whole bean definitely works best if you make coffee with a French press or pour over, allowing you to grind it yourself to your preferred coarseness. The pre-ground version is fairly fine, and works well in drip coffee makers. TBG also makes some cool insulated mugs, and you can save a few bucks on a mug + coffee bundle. 

Who Should Brew It

Tactical Baby GearSleepwalker Coffee is made by, and for, parents. It’s there when you need a little pick-me-up after (or during) long nights of changing diapers and rocking babies to sleep. The coffee’s bold flavor and smooth, easy drinkability is for bringing you back into the world after a hard night. 

That being said, this coffee is ideal for anyone who likes a robust cup of Joe and favors the simplicity of “coffee that tastes like coffee.” Pour yourself a mug if you work the night shift, if you have to be up before dawn, or if you just like friendly, accessible coffee that packs a punch without being too overpowering.